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Summer Inspiration

  paco 3 paco 2 paco 2 Paco Rabanne 1960

Strong, sexy women being women.

Finish Strong


One week and three days ago I ran my first half marathon. Which, to many of you, is just a regular morning run, but to me it meant that I did something that I never thought I was capable of doing. I’ve written before about why I didn’t think I could do this, but I do think that for the sake of blatant honesty, I should briefly overview how this unlikely it was that I actually finished this race.  Here’s a quick timeline: [click to continue…]

Failure / Perfection


The other day I was running, had a mental breakdown and started crying, had to stop and go home. Outdoors. In public. Why? Because I was having the worst run of my life while watching people in Central Park make long, smooth beautiful glides and it hit me again that I’m just not good at running. .25 miles later and all I could hear was my own voice in my head that kept saying, “You’re so bad at this. You are SO bad at this.” and then .5 miles after that I stopped because I could not make myself run one more step, started crying and walked out of the park. Complete defeat. It didn’t last long, I just walked it off and called it a day, but when I made myself think about why I let that happen, I found a pattern that I was allow to flourish that doesn’t do me, or you, any good.

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Fortune Favors The Bold

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.05.36 AM Do you think that the Latin proverb “Fortune favors the bold” was originally said about bold eyebrows? After learning to fill mine in, I kind of think it was. A happy, healthy, full eyebrow will transform your entire life. Oh, you don’t think you have the right eyebrow shape? Allow me to disprove your theory. [click to continue…]

Springtime Brights


The constant snow that we’ve been having in New York is beginning to give me serious Seasonal Affective Disorder and I’m combating it by focusing on lots of color, prints and florals. I for one cannot wait for a slight tan, orange lipstick and flowy dresses. Please, Spring, come sooner. I really, really need you.